Backed by 30 + Years Experience

Accurate translation means that the spirit of the document, or the author's intent and purposes, as well as all technical terms, have been reproduced in the target language without distortions, omissions, or additions, with the maximum possible accuracy.


My Tools

When working with translations, editing, preparing a patent application, I use a variety of tools. Here are my primary tools:

  • 30 + years of experience and expertise.
  • Over 200 paper dictionaries in many languages painstakingly collected over 30 years. Many of them are rarities now, and they still contain terms that may not be found in up-to-date dictionaries.
  • Collection of best available Computer Dictionaries, Spell Checkers and other multilingual tools as productivity enhancers.
  • My know-how of Internet search in different languages.
  • Local area network, with regular data backup and reliable DSL connection.

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