Backed by 30 + Years Experience

Accurate translation means that the spirit of the document, or the author's intent and purposes, as well as all technical terms, have been reproduced in the target language without distortions, omissions, or additions, with the maximum possible accuracy.




  • I am a seasoned translator, and you can rely on my 30 plus years of engineering, legal, and translation experience.
  • I am a former patent attorney. I did my first translation over 30 years ago, and I have been translating ever since. In the 70's I was a co-author of the first intellectual property dictionaries and translation aids in Russia. We have published 12 dictionaries and translation help-books for translation from four languages. Example 1, Example 2.
  • I was the author of a Russian terminology standard (GOST) for portable tools. I know how terminology works, and know certain techniques for coining new terms.

Three in one

My professional translation business offers three advantages:

  1. I am a self-employed owner of my own business.
    As a self-employed owner of my own business, I will be personally responsible for all aspects of the work. I will negotiate and make all decisions with you. And I can be more flexible than any other business because I am my own boss!
  2. I am the only employee.
    As the only employee , I will do exactly what I am expected to do as the business, because I am a responsible person offering dependable services.
  3. I am the only point of contact which you, my customer, will have in all matters of business and translation.
    As your only point of contact, I will be ideal for you because you will speak to both the owner of a business and the sole employee, simultaneously, without any go-betweens.

These 3 features will be of great advantage for you: You save time for the entire business transaction, you get personalized service, and you will enjoy a unique approach to your project.

This means that you will deal with all three aspects of a translation business in one person, namely me!

Golden rules

There are strict rules that I have always imposed upon myself:

  • To be loyal to the client.
  • To keep client's business confidential.
  • To undertake only those jobs that I am able to handle.

No job is too big or too small for me.

Short deadlines represent a great challenge for me. I can offer quick turnaround times for small jobs 0.5 to 2 hours lead time). I always translate for free one-two lines for my permanent customers.


Being my own boss, I am available 24/7. You call me on Saturday, and you, my client, will get the translated document on Monday morning. I forward all my calls to my cell phone, and I will acknowledge your message within one hour.

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